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Tempur-Pedic TravelPillow

With the U-Shaped Travel Pillow by Tempur-Pedic®, you will never be uncomfortable while traveling again! Not only do your neck and head get a break from unwanted stress, the muscles in your upper back are also able to relax, ensuring that you arrive at your destination refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tempur-Pedic TravelPillow

Perfect for the plane or the car, the horseshoe shape allows the neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely.

More Information

The U-Shaped Travel Pillow by Tempur-Pedic® features a unique "horseshoe" shape designed to wrap around and cradle your neck no matter how you lean to relieve pressure and provide comfort and support while traveling. Comprised of Tempur-Pedic's softest material, TEMPUR®, the pillow becomes softer in warmer areas and remains firmer in cooler areas which allows the pillow to conform to your body's one-of-a-kind contours.

  • Horseshoe shape TEMPUR® material cradles and supports the neck
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Dust mite and allergen-resistant
  • Top cover is 75% cotton/25% polyester.
  • Bottom cover is 100% polymid
  • Foam liner is 100% polyurethane
  • Netting is 77% cotton/23% polyester
Dimensions 12" x 11" x 3"
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty
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