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Vibration Cushion EP Series

Teeter already offers the best-rated, most customizable inversion tables on the market thanks to over 30 years of engineering evolution – so what could make them better? The programmable Better Back Vibration Cushion with Neck Support helps to revive tired, sore muscles with the use of powerful vibration motors combined with light-heat technology in the neck arch support.

Vibration Cushion EP Series

Inversion Therapy Has Never Felt This Good

Specially engineered to be used with the Teeter Hang Ups high quality EP-series Inversion Tables, the Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Arch Support provides a whole new level of therapy for your inversion experience. Teeter's EP-series Inversion Tables already perform wonders in spinal decompression, promotion of blood circulation, and relaxation of the mind, and the soothing and warming effects of the vibration cushion and infrared support enhance these benefits while providing novel comfort.

Studies show that, by itself, the use of pulse and vibration technology can benefit the body by temporarily reducing muscle pain, improving blood circulation, and encouraging physical relaxation. Much like a top-of-the-line massage chair, the 10-motor vibration cushion offers effective mind and body therapy that relieve stress and tension, especially while decompressing. Meanwhile, two Far Infrared arch supports contour to your neck to target the upper back and shoulder area with groundbreaking results. Though not warm to the touch, 93% of the energy generated by the Far Infrared rays is absorbed into your body for a deep heat that provides additional relaxation and circulatory benefits.

A complimentary LCD Remote Control, which fits perfectly in a convenient storage pouch, facilitates and customizes the use of the vibration cushion, while its durable yet simple design is easy to detach and clean. Whether you already own a Teeter Hang Ups EP-series inversion chair, or are looking to take the first steps towards a healthier, happier lifestyle, adding the Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Arch Support is sure to have you jumping at your next chance to practice inversion therapy.

More Information
  • 10 Vibration Massage Motors with variable intensity provide pulsating waves that help to relieve tired, achy muscles in the upper and lower back
  • Neck Support can be used with the cushion or on its own to place the neck in a gentle arch, helping to restore curvature and provide an additional stretch to this area while inverted
  • Light-heat technology in the Neck Support targets the upper back and shoulder area
  • LCD Remote Control allows you to select target zone, speed, intensity and optional light-heat with the touch of a button
  • Storage Pouch for the remote attaches to the inversion table frame for easy access
  • Quality materials including microfiber and polyfoam
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         Full 1-Year Warranty        
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